Haug denies Mercedes engine ‘too good’

(GMM) Norbert Haug on Friday sounded less than keen on the FIA's suggestion about how teams should equalize engine performance.

It is widely believed that, although in the midst of an engine freeze, the Mercedes engine is currently clearly the best in the field.

The World Motor Sport Council on Monday was asked to act, but ruled that it will be up to the teams to agree to reduce "the performance of the more powerful engines" rather than be allowed to catch up with the benchmark.

But Haug, Mercedes' motor racing director, said at Monza that the suggestion that the German marque's engine is too good is "wrong".

"I have never experienced an engine that is too good," he is quoted as saying by the German broadcaster Sky.

"If you are staying on the track with your engine in one piece, it can never be too good," he added.

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