Renault chief blames Briatore and Symonds

Renault chief Patrick Pelata blames team boss Flavio Briatore and technical chief Pat Symonds for the race-fixing scandal, he told French radio station RTL.

There has been many twists and turns in the saga so far and now, Pelata said that he Briatore felt responsible for the controversy.

"Flavio Briatore considered he was morally responsible and resigned," Pelata told RTL.

"We don't want a fault by two people to reflect upon the whole company and the entire formula one team.

"I don't know all the details but there was a fault and a fault requires a sanction."

"We will know more about the details after what will happen with the FIA," said Pelata.

"This is not the debate now – we will have it calmly.

"Formula one is the world's most-watched show and you have to respect that. Formula one has been in the vanguard of progress for car technology.

"It is probably not the case at the moment, but it could be again and it is always what Renault have tried to do."

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