Vitor Meira to test at Indy

Meira will return to the cockpit of the No. 14 ABC Supply car when the Foyt team tests at Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 30th. The test will be Meira’s first time back behind the wheel of an Indy car since he broke his back when he and Raphael Matos crashed in the Indianapolis 500 in May. “We’re not going for any track records, I just want to give him some seat time so he can adjust to being back in a race car after being out for so long," said Foyt. Foyt also indicated that Meira will not be competing in the final race of the season. Foyt said, “I don’t have the people to put together the proper effort for both Ryan and Vitor. When I made the deal with Ryan, I had told him he’d have a ride for the rest of the season because I didn’t really know if Vitor would be ready. And even though Vitor has been cleared to drive, the more I thought about it, I don’t think having his first race back being at Miami is the best thing for Vitor. There’s a lot of risk and not that much to be gained. We want to get a good start on 2010 with Vitor and do more testing over the winter so I think it’s in all of our interests to have him focus on next year." Foyt Racing

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