ALMS team to fold

Adrian Fernandez' Lowe's team will be no more reports that ALMS LMP2 team Fernandez Racing will close its doors on Oct. 30, barring any last minute saviors.

"It's been a good run but we're between a rock and a hard place and our poker hand didn't come up so good this time," Tom Anderson told

"I told our guys that we didn't have anything that's even close so they all needed to go look for jobs. Go look now and go look hard."

"Adrian has always found his own sponsors but we've both turned over every stone looking for something and we even hired a guy with some connections down south to try and find us sponsorship," said Anderson.

"Ideally, the cheapest deal would have been to stay in sports cars because we've got our car, we could lease an engine from Acura and probably do the season for $3-3.5 million. After that, we thought Indy cars made the most sense but it's really tough right now to find anything."

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