Mosley rules out three-car idea

(GMM) Max Mosley on Saturday dismissed as "fantasy" Ferrari and other FOTA members' desire to field three cars per team next year.

Sir Frank Williams has already indicated that he will veto the suggestion, and the FIA president at Monza confirmed that the newly-signed Concorde Agreement does not include the possibility of three cars.

"The time to think about three cars was before we all signed that (agreement), not after," said the Briton.

He said the Concorde Agreement permits third entries only if the grid drops below 20 cars, but this is unlikely to happen in 2010, given the expected debut of new teams.

"Three cars is a nice story, but it's a little bit of fantasy, and difficult to get unanimous agreement on," said Mosley.

It is believed one of the possibilities discussed by FOTA earlier this week is that the third cars could be fielded by separate teams.

But Mosley said: "That would mean another re-write of the Concorde Agreement."

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