Mosley fears more carmakers to quit F1

(GMM) Max Mosley on Friday said he would not bet money on formula one still boasting its full complement of car manufacturers on the grid of the 2010 season opener.

Following Honda's withdrawal, BMW is also pulling out at the end of this year, and the FIA president said more of their struggling road-car making rivals could be set to follow.

"I think we may lose another one, might even lose two and there's also one or two of the private teams who will find it difficult," Mosley told reporters at Monza.

"I'd stake my worldly goods on Ferrari being there. But not on all the manufacturers. But I may be wrong," he added.

Of F1's other manufacturers, Mercedes looks set to ramp up instead of wind down its F1 commitment, leaving Renault and Toyota almost certainly as the carmakers on Mosley's mind.

It is feared that the 'crash-gate' affair might only add to Renault's motivation to go, but Mosley insisted that it is the FIA's responsibility to blindly probe the accusations of race-fixing.

"We have a certain job to do which we must do correctly and fairly, and what they do is a business decision for them," he said.

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