Denny Hamlin’s car stolen

Cornelius, NC Police released surveillance video to help catch brazen burglars who stole a car from a NASCAR driver's Lake Norman home. Police said about two weeks ago, a group of thieves went into the Peninsula neighborhood with their eyes on stealing a car. Neighbors said their target was a car on Peninsula Point Drive that belonged to Denny Hamlin, one of NASCAR's rising stars. "It's bold because he lives in the very back of the cul de sac surrounded by all these homes and all these extravagant homes have a lot security," said neighbor Sandy Van Everly. Hamlin's house is no exception. The burglary was all caught on his home surveillance system. The video, captured at 1:30 a.m. on August 18, 2009, shows a car pull up in front of Hamlin's driveway. Two men got out of the car and walked through the open front gate. Moments later, the two men backed out of the driveway in the black Lexus LS 460-L. The camera captured a woman get out of the passenger side of the waiting car, get into the driver's seat and both cars pull off. Cornelius Police hope by releasing the video, someone will recognize the burglars and help put them behind bars. If you have any information about the stolen Lexus, call the North Mecklenburg County Crime Stoppers at (704) 896-7867.

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