Stewart: Danica will make move to NASCAR

In this Orlando Sentinel/AP article, Tony Stewart says he's convinced that Danica Patrick will eventually make the jump to NASCAR.

Stewart said Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway that he knows Patrick has talked with "a lot" of NASCAR teams about moving to stock cars. He said there's little doubt she wants to race in NASCAR some day.

The rumors are that she will race some Nationwide Series races in 2010 where her IndyCar schedule allows, to get a taste of stock car racing. and to see if she can do it. Front engine race cars have a different feel than rear engine cars. Whereas Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart came up driving front engine USAC sprint and midget cars, so NASCAR's front engine cars were not difficult to master, Danica Patrick has driven rear engine go-karts and race cars all her life. Some drivers are never able to make the transition successfully (going either way).

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