KERS to be advantage at fast Monza

(GMM) KERS will be a real advantage at the Monza circuit next weekend, Heikki Kovalainen said on Friday.

Along with his McLaren teammate Lewis Hamilton and the Ferrari duo, the Finn is one of just four drivers on the F1 grid still equipped with the energy-recovery 'boost' system.

BMW is one of the teams that began the season with KERS but has since removed it, arguing that the set-up, weight, braking and handling compromises more often than not are not worth the extra 82 horse power for six seconds per lap.

For the first time in a while, however, BMW-Sauber driver Nick Heidfeld, whose team performed well in the unique medium-downforce configuration at Spa last weekend, will miss his special button during the Italian GP weekend.

"The cars equipped with KERS will probably have a considerable advantage over the long straights of this high speed circuit," said the German on Friday.

The other team that has dropped KERS, Renault, is said to be likely to re-deploy the technology at Monza.

McLaren's Kovalainen explained: "KERS should give us an advantage over a single lap (at Monza), especially in qualifying, where it will be extremely valuable."

It is believed KERS will be so beneficial at Monza due to the rare combination of ultra-long straights with low-downforce aerodynamics, coupled with plenty of heavy braking for battery-replenishment.

"With KERS, we should see some incredible speeds, particularly during qualifying when the drivers will double-deploy KERS along the start/finish straight," said McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh.

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