No Monza test could affect GP order – Hamilton

(GMM) Monza could be the scene of another shaken-up formula one grid, according to reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton.

After teams like the previously struggling Force India and BMW had surprisingly good weekends at Spa-Francorchamps, the sport is now set to move on to the even faster Monza circuit.

The Italian track is by far the quickest on the calendar, necessitating special low-downforce wing and bodywork packages that are not used at any other event on the annual calendar.

In previous years, the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza has hosted a pre-race test, but all in-season running outside of grand prix weekends is now banned.

"That (test) allowed you to get the balance right and, as a driver, to get yourself prepared for the high speeds of the track," said McLaren driver Hamilton, 24.

"Now, we'll be arriving 'cold' on Friday morning and it will take a bit of work for everyone to get their cars working properly and just to get used to the lack of downforce that you need to run at Monza," the Briton said in an interview posted on his official website.

"That could have a very interesting effect on the order, particularly if the weather affects running, like it did last year."

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