Will Power’s injuries worse than expected

Penske Racing IndyCar Series driver Will Power was examined in Indianapolis Monday by series orthopedic specialist Dr. Terry Trammell. Power was injured in a practice accident at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. California on Saturday, August 22.

Dr. Trammell determined that Power suffered fractures of his second, third and fourth lumbar vertebrae, and a fracture of his fifth thoracic vertebra, in the accident (initial reports said just the 2nd and 4th lumbar vertebrae). Surgery will not be required as Dr, Trammell expects Power to recover with rest and rehabilitation. Power will continue to wear a back brace during an expected recovery period of at least four months. Power, who also suffered a concussion and a chipped left front tooth in the incident, will begin physical therapy for his back injuries this week.

After completing his rehabilitation, Power is expected to be ready to compete by the IndyCar Series season-opening race in March of 2010.

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