Coulthard not buying latest headline grabbing F1 conspiracy theories

(GMM) At Spa last weekend, the most ludicrous paddock theory was that F1's authorities had somehow given struggling teams a secret boost.

With Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella on pole and the podium and Toyota and BMW also doing well in their moment of need, wild speculation did the rounds that the teams had been given higher rev limits, stickier Bridgestone tires, and/or a lower minimum weight limit.

David Coulthard, a grand prix-winning veteran and now commentator for British TV, wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph that he doesn't believe the hype.

"Those scenarios would require the complicity of Bridgestone, mechanics/team personnel, the FIA. It would be impossible to keep such subterfuge under wraps," wrote the Scot.

Coulthard, currently Red Bull's reserve driver and also a consultant to the energy drink-owned team, said even the suggestion that Nelson Piquet crashed deliberately in Singapore last year to help his teammate Fernando Alonso win the race is not likely.

"Morally … it is off the scale," he said. "It would (need) the complicity of a number of people — the only evidence I can envisage would be radio communications, which are openly available to the FIA and the team.

"Someone would surely have said something by now. As I say, I don't buy it," the 38-year-old added.

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