Renault presses ahead with Valencia ban appeal

UPDATE (GMM) The International Court of Appeal will hear the case against Renault's suspension from the European grand prix on the Monday before the Valencia race. The FIA on Thursday confirmed the August 17 hearing will take place in Paris at 10am, explaining that a decision is likely to be published on the following afternoon.

07/29/09 (GMM) Renault has made official its appeal against the Hungarian GP stewards' decision to ban the team from the forthcoming European grand prix.

Within one hour of the stewards' decision on Sunday evening, the French team lodged a 'notice of intention to appeal' with the FIA, together with the necessary deposit of 6000 euros.

"The FIA is hereby authorized to use this deposit as the fee for this appeal in compliance with the rules of the FIA International Court of Appeal," Renault said.

The formal appeal was lodged for Renault on behalf of the French motor racing federation the FFSA.

The detailed grounds of the appeal must now be lodged with the FIA within 8 days of the stewards' decision.

The Court of Appeal is yet to set a date for the hearing, which will take place in Paris.

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