Poor results moved BMW to quit F1 – Ecclestone

BMW got tired of spending so much money for so little results says Bernie. Therefore, look for Renault and Toyota to follow suit. In the end, low-cost Cosworth engines will save the day for F1.

(GMM) As the clock ticks down to the BMW announcement, Bernie Ecclestone said it was the Munich marque's failure to win the world championship that led to the decision to quit formula one.

BMW's withdrawal follows fellow car manufacturer Honda's decision late last year, and the big fear now is that Renault and Toyota may quickly follow suit.

F1 chief executive Ecclestone said a recent conversation with BMW-Sauber team boss Mario Theissen indicated that the company's board had set a deadline for championship success.

But after ten races in 2009, the Hinwil based outfit has scored just 8 points and is the lowest placed carmaker in the constructors' standings.

Ecclestone told BBC radio that Theissen was recently confident about competing for the title.

"It appears it's not quite been like that, so perhaps that's why they've (chosen) to stop," he said.

BMW has titled its imminent press conference "current developments in motor sport", indicating that the recent political turmoil will be blamed for the decision to quit.

But Ecclestone hinted that might not be honest.

"When you consider how much money they've spent and the results they've got, it's probably not such a good investment," he said.

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