Q&A with Jaime Alguersuari

Carlin’s Formula Renault 3.5 racer Jaime Alguersuari was announced as F1 driver for Scuderia Toro Rosso this week and will take up his F1 duties at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend – becoming the youngest ever driver to take part in an F1 event. The Spanish racer has spent nearly two seasons with the British Carlin Motorsport team in preparation for his F1 opportunity. Here we talk to him about how that experience has helped prepare for the highest echelon of single seater motorsport……….

Do you feel your seasons in F3 and World Series have helped prepare you for F1?
British F3 is a really nice championship, you find really nice and difficult tracks, and of course the weather is sometimes a challenge! So you learn a lot. It’s a long championship with lots of testing, so there’s a lot of track experience. You also learn a lot about developing a car in F3, which I think will be helpful. British F3 has been very important in my career and I will never forget that. I think World Series is completely different – some of the drivers have been in the championship for many more years than I have and I think that gives them an added benefit. In the end I am a young driver always in the top five and pushing hard so I think we are doing ok for our first year.

Do you intend to continue with your Formula Renault 3.5 program at the same time as racing in Formula1?
I think that is the aim; I am a young driver, so I need to do as many races as possible. I need to experience as many situations as possible. For me, for sure it would be good because it would give me more experience and of course there are no clashes with Formula 1, so there is not really a reason not to do it. If it becomes an issue, then obviously we may have to reconsider.

Do you think it will be an issue switching from one car to another?
Usually it is better to stick with one car, but in this instance it may be best for me to be in two cars, learning as much as possible, and I know Red Bull will make the decision that is best for me. The main thing is to learn.

Obviously F1 should be and will be your priority now, but what are your aims for the remaining World Series races?
I am a very young driver at only 19, so I still need to do lots of races. I am really aiming to win in World Series. What I need is some more races and more experience. Every session we improve and get better. For sure after three more races I will be better and know more than I do now – that is surely good for my driving in F1.

Did you think 18 months ago when you testing an F3 car week after week in the rain in Britain that you might be making your F1 debut so soon?!
No never! It’s a dream come true. What I have to do now is just enjoy the moment and work as hard as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity that I have been given, so I must enjoy it and reward the faith that Red Bull have shown in me.

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