Bridgestone Edmonton Preview

Per IndyCar Series rules, each entry must declare to the league within one hour after qualifying on which dry-condition tire spec it intends to start the race. All cars must use at least one primary set and one new alternate set during the race, each for a minimum of two green-flag laps. Firestone Racing is bringing the same primary tire specification that was used in the 2008 Rexall Edmonton Indy, and the softer-compound alternate tires will be used at this track for the first time in the IndyCar Series. The rain tire is the more durable, "road course rain" specification. The primary spec is a durable road course compound and construction, designed to withstand the high speeds encountered on the fast and bumpy temporary airport circuit. The alternate tires are identical in construction to the primaries but contain a softer tread compound which will provide more grip and faster lap times, yet will trade off compound durability in exchange for those shorter-term advantages.

From Al Speyer, Executive Director, Firestone Racing: "Firestone Racing is looking forward to the IndyCar Series' second trip to Edmonton. The fans are some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic that we encounter anywhere on the schedule, and the temporary airport circuit provides plenty of room for exciting racing. So far this season, the Firestone Firehawk alternate tires have added a lot of drama and strategy to qualifying and racing on street and road courses, and we anticipate that will hold true this weekend and that the IndyCar Series will put on a great show for the crowds. In fact, one of the reasons we introduced the alternate tire concept to the IndyCar Series this year was due to the amount of interest shown by fans in Edmonton last year, who had seen the alternate tires in action during the Champ Car races there."

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