Brawn GP cars get big aero upgrade

With the last two Grands Prix having taken place in cooler temperatures than most so far this season, the championship-leading Brawn GP cars struggled to build up the optimum tire temperatures required on-track. Team principal Ross Brawn is confident that this problem can be addressed, however, as a hotter race approaches.

With the Mercedes-powered Brawn car generating such tire temperatures which must be monitored to stay cool in most races this season, problems in the Chinese, British and German Grand Prix meant that sub-20 degree track temperatures saw Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello struggling to do the opposite – keep their Bridgestone Potenzas up to operating temperatures.

"The last two races at Silverstone and the Nürburgring have been frustrating for the team as we have not been able to achieve the full potential of our car at the same time as our competitors have taken a good step forward," admitted team principal Brawn. "However, we are confident that the inherent performance of the BGP 001 which was demonstrated during the first half of the season has not disappeared and the problems that we faced were unique to the circumstances of those races.

"Our focus now is to maximize the performance that we know is in the car whilst continuing to develop improvements which will maintain our championship challenge."

"Due to this, a selection of new components will make an appearance this weekend. "We have a significant aerodynamic upgrade for the race in Budapest which will bring performance gains in efficiency, downforce and aero balance but we face a fierce battle and we must continue to improve for the rest of the season," Brawn continued. "The team has faced many challenges to arrive where we are today and I am confident that we have the people and resources, plus two excellent drivers, to respond and fight to maintain our position of leading the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships."

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