ESPN supportive of consistent race start times

Julie Sobieski, ESPN vice president, programming and acquisitions, was asked about consistent starting times for NASCAR Sprint Cup races during a media conference call Tuesday:

JULIE SOBIESKI: "There's definitely been a lot of dialogue about start times, and a lot has been written. With ratings being down, there's lots of factors that are contributing to that. Can consistent start times make a difference? Certainly that's possible. We'd be supportive of consistent start times with ESPN and we know that's also been a priority for NASCAR to try and look at, so if it's good for the fans, and we think it's going to benefit ratings, then certainly we're onboard with that concept. It's ultimately NASCAR's call when it comes to the schedule of their races, and certainly the tracks as well. All we can do is have the open dialogue and support ultimately where NASCAR and the tracks feel (the starting time) is best to serve the fans. Nothing is set for next year, so I think that dialogue is ongoing and continuing, and we'll see where that ends up. NASCAR is going to need to make the decision that they feel is best for all their constituents involved." ESPN PR

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