AJ Foyt IV to get hitched this weekend

The IndyCar Series has this weekend off before they head to Edmonton, Alberta which is why A.J. (Anthony) Foyt IV and his fiancée Casey Irsay plan to get married this weekend. They're getting married in Napa Valley, Calif. AJ Foyt and his wife Lucy, their daughter Terry, their son Jerry and his wife Kate, AJ's buddy Jim Greer and the team publicist Anne and her husband Drew Fornoro are all flying out together on Saturday.

AJ Foyt had this to say about Foyt IV's marriage, "I wondered if I'd live long enough to see Anthony get married but he found a real winner in Casey, and I mean that in the best sense. She's a pretty little thing and so sweet that she could be from Texas! She's been great for him and he's lucky that she said yes."

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