NASCAR squashes Mayfield, calls stepmother a whore

UPDATE #4 Jeremy Mayfield didn't spare his stepmother or NASCAR in defending himself against Wednesday's report that he has again tested positive for methamphetamines. NASCAR filed court papers on Wednesday saying that his most recent drug test came back positive and including an affidavit from Mayfield's stepmother Lisa who claims to have seen the racer using drugs on numerous occasions.

Mayfield said he does not trust NASCAR testing and saved his strongest words for his stepmother. "She's basically a whore," he told's David Newton. "She shot and killed my dad." Mayfield's father Terry died in 2007 at age 56, and Mayfield told that his stepmother will be served with a wrongful death suit on Thursday. "She knows what we've got on her," Mayfield said. "For her to come out and do this is pretty ballsy. Everybody that's ever know me knows I never, ever have been around her for more than 10 hours of my life. She's a gold digger. I knew that from Day 1."

Although he said he has no proof, Mayfield claimed that NASCAR paid Lisa Mayfield for her affidavit. "It wouldn't take much money. She tried to get money from me," Mayfield said. "I have a very short fuse when it comes to her." Mayfield said he has been tested for drugs every two to five days by an independent lab and never tested positive. He said it was no coincidence that the tests by NASCAR's lab resulted in his suspension and now another positive test. In blasting NASCAR, he went straight for the top, chairman Brian France. More at

07/16/09 A reader writes, I guess I was wrong about Mayfield…at least it sounds like it is so. Apparently, his own mother said she personally saw him use Meth dozens of times over the past several years. This is according to News13 Orlando. It is believed that she is the one who blew the whistle to NASCAR, and is also a main reason why NASCAR has been extra resolute in their position.

I still don’t see a meth user in that guy, but then again, some people have the ability to hide things really well. I never would have imagined Little Al for a pothead, alcoholic and a wife beater all those years either…

It just goes to show that the public perception and the reality are often very different things. Scotty Moore

07/09/09 NASCAR has succeeded in squashing Jeremy Mayfield like a bug. Stick a fork in him, he's done.

Unable to find funding since his suspension for failing a random drug test, Jeremy Mayfield is considering selling his race team.

Shana Mayfield said Thursday she and her husband are considering selling their remaining inventory because they don't have the cash to field a race team. Mayfield transferred ownership of the No. 41 Toyota to his wife following his May 9 suspension.

"We are looking at all options at this point, since we cannot get sponsorship," Shana Mayfield said.

Jeremy Mayfield told ESPN earlier Thursday that he had a meeting scheduled with a potential buyer on Monday when NASCAR summoned him for a drug test. It was the first indication he might not bring Mayfield Motorsports back to the track.

A federal judge issued an injunction last week that lifted the indefinite suspension and allowed Mayfield to return to competition. But Mayfield has not traveled to the two races since the ruling.

NASCAR, which has said Mayfield tested positive for methamphetamines, has asked the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen's decision and impose the suspension.

Mayfield said after Mullen's ruling that he intended to travel to last weekend's race at Daytona International Speedway. He instead issued a statement hours before the start that said the tight turnaround left him unable to prepare a car in time to make it to Daytona.

He said he was "working around the clock" to get the team to Chicago.

"Shana and I, as well as everyone at Mayfield Motorsports, will do everything in our power to race next weekend."

John Buric, an attorney for Mayfield, said Mayfield won't make it to Chicago. He said the driver has been viewed as a "pariah" since his suspension and can't find sponsorship or a team owner willing to give him a ride. Without funding, Buric said Mayfield doesn't have the money to get his team up and running.

"You need employees, people to do the work for you, people to get the car to the track, food and lodging for the people you bring to the track," Buric said. "With no sponsor, that's not something he can do right now. Not when you are spending a ton of money on lawyers in a fight against NASCAR."

Mayfield said in an affidavit he's laid off 10 employees since the suspension, borrowed money from family and sold personal assets to meet his living expenses.

He's also being sued for $86,000 by Triad Racing Technologies for parts, pieces and chassis work he allegedly owes the company.

It's not clear what Mayfield has to offer a potential buyer. He only started his team in January and said at the season-opening Daytona 500 he only had 15 employees. He leases his shop space, and likely doesn't have anything to sell beyond cars and the points he earned from the 11 races he entered. Chicago Tribune

07/07/09 Take a look at the faces of these methamphetamine users and you decide whether you think Mayfield used them as NASCAR claims. It just doesn’t seem to fit. But…you never know.

07/07/09 If you challenge NASCAR they step on you like a bug and remind you that you need them more than they need you. It has always been that way. So Jeremy Mayfield committed career suicide the day he decided to fight NASCAR's drug charges. The fight continues and NASCAR won't stop until they squash Mayfield like a nat.

NASCAR filed a motion Monday requesting that U.S. District Court Judge Graham Mullen reinstate the sanctioning body’s suspension of driver Jeremy Mayfield. NASCAR parked Mayfield on May 9 after it said he tested positive for methamphetamine use.

Judge Mullen issued a temporary injunction last week that lifted Mayfield’s drug suspension, claiming that NASCAR had failed to eliminate the possibility of a false positive in its drug test. The Associated Press reports that in today’s motion, NASCAR disputed Mullen’s conclusion, and asserted that allowing Mayfield to race would constitute a threat to public safety. NASCAR also filed a notice saying it plans to bring the case before a federal appeals court.

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