CVC official hints Ecclestone should have quit

(GMM) A board member of F1's commercial rights owners CVC believes Bernie Ecclestone should have stepped down as the sport's chief executive after giving his now infamous Hitler interview.

CVC managing partner Donald MacKenzie this week stepped in to deny reports the 78-year-old Briton risked being sidestepped into an honorary position over the controversy.

However, other figures at CVC, which is one of the world's biggest private equity firms, held very strong views over the issue, including Sir Martin Sorrell.

It is believed that Sorrell, who is Jewish, asked Ecclestone to stay away from the German grand prix at the weekend; advice ignored by the diminutive billionaire.

"His comments were disgusting," he is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. "He issued a full apology after taking advice. Any other CEO in any other business would be gone."

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