Readers blame Helio, Tracy blames Helio

UPDATE #3 After Castroneves limped back into the pits and got out of his car, he was besieged by boos from both sides of the straightaway. They booed long and loud and then began chanting “Helio sucks." Tracy defused a public lynching by stopping Helio as he walked back to the paddock and they shook hands, agreeing it was just a racing accident.

That was until Tracy saw the overhead video replay Sunday night on television.

“I didn’t think he meant to do it until I saw that replay and he turned right into me," said Tracy, who lost the 2002 Indy 500 to HCN on a disputed call under caution. “Now I wish I hadn’t been such a nice guy."

07/13/09 Another reader adds, Paul Tracy himself did not blame Castroneves, saying it was hard racing, so fans had better think twice before saying Castroneves did it on purpose. Ted Mallory [We were racing hard," Tracy said of Castroneves. "He didn't want to let me by. He didn't block. He left me the room to get in there, we got intertwined and we seemed to not be able to get off each other. I'm not saying he squeezed me, I didn't squeeze him. It was just one of those things."]

07/12/09 Another reader adds, If you examine the aerial footage it is easy to see that it's not a traction issue. Helio's left white glove flashes to the right when he belts Tracy into the wall. Just watch it and you can see. Helio played it off well to make sure that it would blow over and not blame Paul. The broadcasters don't even mention it. Let me know what you think. It wouldn't be unheard of to have Helio take him out. Dan Michaelian

07/12/09 Readers comment on the Tracy/Castroneves accident: Dear, If you look at the TV coverage of the crash with the view from the camera in front of them, you can see that Helio turned hard directly into Tracy. His car is not out of shape and so he wasn't trying to correct something. He was trying to take him out. Dennis Honeywell

Another reader writes, That was blatant. Helio just stuffed him intentionally. That looked horrible. I think Tracy should go punch him in the face. Scott Morrison, Indianapolis

Dear Dennis and Scott, We believe both drivers were skidding on the limit of adhesion at that point and when Helio tried to get off the marbles and back onto the racing line a bit too quickly he got traction faster than he expected and the car veered right and into Tracy's tires. The rest was history. We'll call it a racing accident. Mark C.

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