Following outburst, Barrichello now ‘over it’

(GMM) Following Rubens Barrichello's controversial outburst after the German grand prix, the Brazilian veteran insists he is now "over it".

Despite leading early, the 37-year-old finished the Nurburgring race even behind his Brawn teammate Jenson Button in sixth place, ranting that it had been a "good show from the team on how to lose a race" and that he didn't want to go to the debrief because "it will be all 'bla bla bla bla'".

Barrichello did however attend the debrief, but even after a shower as well he insisted he view is "quite the same" and warned that he might "quit at the end of the year".

He subsequently flew straight from Germany for a holiday in Florida, and on Tuesday announced on his Twitter feed: "It was a tough day yesterday … I was very upset … but I am over it."

Barrichello also vowed to not let the affair affect the remainder of his season, with many observers interpreting his outburst as a sign of resignation.

"I will fight until I have (no more) chances for the championship. I promise," Barrichello said.

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