Nurburgring cannot afford to take German GP fulltime

A shadow has been cast upon the future of the German Grand Prix as the Nürburgring has said that it will not be taking full reigns of the event after Hockenheim's requested departure from the F1 calendar, as they already lose their shirt hosting the race every other year. The two venues are currently hosting the race on an alternating basis, although the Grand Prix is set to have no home for 2010.

With Hockenheim due to the host the race next year, local authorities – which own 96% of the venue – have already announced that €6m losses from 2008 cannot be sustained; with the council no longer assisting and administrators at Hockenheim seemingly stranded in finding a solution, general assumptions would place the German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring for the second consecutive year although the Eifel-located track has said that it would not be happy with this arrangement, as the current deal is a stronger financial proposition.

"We are definitely not available for next year, we are planning only for 2011," Nürburgring manager director Walker Kafitz told Autosport, adding that only a cutback in its race hosting fee from commercial rights holder Formula One Management (FOM) may persuade a change of mind. "Bernie (Ecclestone, head of FOM) could manage it but I cannot imagine that he is willing to accept my wish."

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