Barrichello issues new Brawn quit threat

Barrichello has made excuses for a decade why he is not a consistent winner. You make your own luck.

(GMM) Even after a shower and a post-race debrief, Rubens Barrichello was still unhappy with his F1 employer Brawn GP as he left the Nurburgring.

Having suspected favoritism towards Jenson Button at Barcelona earlier this year, the 37-year-old Brazilian threatened to quit.

He repeated the warning in Germany.

"At the end of the day I can quit at the end of the year if I want to but now I want to get on with racing," Barrichello said.

Team boss Ross Brawn told reporters after the race that Rubens' good relationship with the Brackley outfit would not be ruined due to a frustrated outburst.

"I want to understand the whole picture, what he thought, what he said and we will then deal with it internally," Brawn said.

But Barrichello refused to retract his claim that it was team incompetence that caused his problems during the race, and said Brawn officials had "apologized for that".

"I have spoken to the team and the view is quite the same," he added.

"It's not my intention to get into a fight with the team as I want to win the championship, so now I need to put my head down and work."

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