Ford hasn’t cut support this year

Last week there was a call placed to Ford Motor Company's Brian Wolfe in Dearborn, Mich., to get an idea where those boys at the Blue Oval were going with their stock-car racing program. Ford, he says, drafted a slimmed down business plan under the company's new CEO Alan Mulally, and yes, cuts were made to the racing budget — last year. "For our part at Ford, our story hasn't changed a whole lot since the start of the season, other than we haven't won enough races," Wolfe howled. "We're in a little different position than two of the other players in the sport." Those players are GM and Chrysler, which competes in NASCAR with its Dodge brand. Wolfe said Ford had to make some "tough cuts" at the end of the 2008 season, which included an end to direct financial support to Nationwide and Truck Series race teams. "But we have kept our engineering support," he said. "That is really critical; that hasn't changed. The Cup teams, that we have long-term contracts with, have stayed the same. We're pushing along with our plan." Daytona Beach News Journal

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