Political war rumbles on in Nurburgring shadows

(GMM) The leading figures perhaps deserve a light pat on the back this weekend for so far keeping F1's political brawl out of the main spotlight.

But behind the scenes the ructions are definitely ongoing, with an increasingly clear message: Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley are very much on the outer.

According to the latest from the Nurburgring, the rebel FOTA group has bypassed F1's chief executive in the wake of his ignoble Hitler interview and staged crucial talks directly with CVC, the controller of the commercial rights.

An agreement between the two sides is all but done, and the suggestion is that they will present their accord to both FIA president Mosley and Ecclestone as a fait accompli: 'either sign up or the breakaway is on'.

A variation of the speculation is that Ecclestone's FOM company may also be intricately on-board with FOTA and CVC's plan, meaning that the only marginalized entity is the FIA (or Mosley).

F1 is tied contractually to the Paris federation, but the 'fait accompli' is believed possible on the basis of CVC's involvement, meaning that CVC could argue in court that Mosley's defiance is damaging their business.

Another unconfirmed rumor is that FOTA has drafted a letter of resignation that it wants Mosley to sign. It is believed that his signature would also pave a rapid road to real peace.

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