Villeneuve will race two races in South America

"Hopefully I can come back next year," said Jacques Villeneuve during the closing of his last press conference in Buenos Aires, back in September 28, 2008. The Race of the Year had just ended and the Canadian driver was pleased with his great performance in his first experience at the Top Race Series.

Finally, the desire will become true, because Villeneuve will again be part of the show. He will be one of the 41 drivers traveling to Brazil where he will race the first date of the Winter Rosamontes’ Stage at the mythical Interlagos racetrack –in a weekend in which they will share the track with the Formula Truck, and the following month he will take part in the second edition of The Race of the Year in Buenos Aires.

"After last year's experience is a pleasure to drive again at the Top Race. It was a very fun experience and I had a great time both on and off the car. For this year’s race there are a couple of things I should take advantage of: I know the cars and the two racetracks in which we are20going to race. I won at both venues, Interlagos and Buenos Aires during my time in Formula 1. It is not going to be easy to get those results at the Top Race Series because the drivers I am racing against have many more miles on board of those cars than I do. But at least, I will try," said Villeneuve.

Villeneuve raced the first edition of The Race of the Year in Buenos Aires driving a Passat TRV6, which finished 26 overall after the qualifying race in which he got the 13 place. While looking to define his future -which could be linked to Formula 1, Villeneuve confirmed that he will return to the Top Race to compete at two of the 2009 dates, Interlagos and Buenos Aires.

"I am excited about the possibility of getting back to Formula 1 next year. I estimate that in the coming days I will have a definition in this regard. I have already made a commitment to the Top Race events and there is no chance that anything will interfere with my travel to Brazil and Argentina," he added.

Worth the reminder, Villeneuve won the Formula 1 races at Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires during the season in which he got the World Championship title, 1997, and those are the same racetracks in which he will be driving the Mercedes TRV6 Top Race.

Villeneuve will be part of the Top Race group traveling to Brazil and will take part in al l programmed functions like the visit to the final resting place of the legendary Ayrton Senna.

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