Dallara looks forward to F1 challenge

Even though the IRL feels compelled to stick with just Dallara for its next IndyCar, Dallara has no such allegiance to the IRL. They are involved with many series, including now F1.

Gian Paolo Dallara says building a Formula 1 car for the Campos Meta team will be a 'fascinating' challenge for the Italian company. Dallara will design the Cosworth powered car the Spanish squad will use next year.

"I've accepted this opportunity with enthusiasm," Dallara told Gazzetta dello Sport. "It's scary, but it's exciting for me and for my entire company, because this is a fascinating challenge that tests energy and creativity.

"We've been working for three months already."

"[The goal is] having the car running around January 10. Let's hope it's quick. I mean for Campos, but also for us," he added.

"We have strong people with fresh experiences like Gabriele Tredozi, who for years was the technical head at Minardi, and like Ben Agathangelou, aerodynamicist for Red Bull and Ross Brawn's Honda. And then there are our people, all of them good," Dallara added.

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