Ron Dennis can live with Bernie’s medals idea

McLaren can live with Bernie Ecclestone's plan to ensure the Formula One title goes to the driver who wins most races in a season, team boss Ron Dennis has said.

Formula One's commercial supremo Ecclestone is pushing an Olympic-style medals system, with gold awarded to the race winner and the title going to the driver who wins most.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton won the championship last year by a single point despite winning fewer races than Ferrari's Brazilian driver Felipe Massa.

'Obviously Bernie still has very strong views about his medal idea and I think he has voiced those opinions,' Dennis said after the launch of his team's new car at their Woking factory on Friday.

'But in essence I think his view is that the person that wins the most races should win the world championship.

'We don't disagree with that view, and if that becomes the objective then we'll make sure we win enough races to win the world championship,' he said.

'Our objective was to win the world championship within the points structure that existed in 2008, and that is what we did.' Mail Online

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