Scale model of 2009 Ferrari car already in the wind tunnel

Ferrari Sporting Director, Stefano Domenicali, declared in the Italian newspaper 'Gazzetta dello Sport' that his team is already working hard on their 2009 car and this in order to make the most of the major overhaul of technical regulations for next year.

In 2009, a set of new aerodynamic rules will be introduced. It's also likely that the slick tires will be reintroduced. The teams will test with slicks during the next test session at Barcelona in April.

"The regulations will allow for some sensational developments that will greatly differentiate the cars, while today the possibilities of changing are curbed by regulations we've had for many years," Stefano Domenicali said.

"For over a month now there's been a scale model of the 2009 car in the wind tunnel. We are making experiments full-time, and once again we'll need to get on track very early.

"We'll have to work in parallel on the evolutions of the car that is about to go racing. But the team size is the same, we haven't doubled it."

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