Fifth garage for McLaren

Walking along the main straightaway of the Albert Park circuit here in Melbourne there are certain things that catch your eye, especially as you make your way past the pit garages.

Apart from the equipment present in the Super Aguri garage as previously reported, and the drivers names posted boldly above their respective pits, there is action going on a little further up pitlane as other teams are preparing for the arrival of their cars.

One such flurry of activity is taking place in the fifth slot, that, if going by last year’s championship results, should be housing the Red Bull Racing team.

However, instead it is very obvious that the McLaren team, who finished last in the 2007 championship due to losing all points for their role in the spy affair, will use this position instead, slotting in between the Toyota powered Williams team in P4 and Red Bull, now relegated to P6.

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