Webber admits F1 drivers inferior

Drivers in other race series with just as much horsepower, such as Champ Car, are able to drive their cars and not crash all the time. However, F1 drivers, who Michael Schumacher admits are inferior and can't even make any waves in DTM where they regularly get smoked, appear to be lost without their traction control.

With the loss of traction control in this year’s Formula One championship several drivers have voiced their safety concerns, especially in wet conditions, with Red Bull racer Mark Webber adding his thoughts to that of his teammate, David Coulthard, that we will witness more accidents in 2008 as a result.

"No question about it, there will be more crashes," the Australian was quoted as saying in the Melbourne Herald Sun. "We've seen it in testing. There are more guys going off, there are more red flags, and that is going to happen in races. That is a 100 per cent certainty."

Webber, who is one of the directors of the GPDA, Grand Prix Drivers Association, admits that safety is a major concern, however, on the other hand, he doesn’t want to be labeled a ‘pussy’ for his concerns and admits that they will all learn how to deal with situation.

“You can say that we're paid lots of cash, but if you are talking about actually you can't see where you are going … that's not about who's paid what. It's just not safe enough. But on the bottom of that I don't want to see 'Webber is a pussy with safety'. I like taking risks, and I'm up for the challenge, but we need to always find a balance. And we will learn."

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