Missing the days of open competition

A reader writes, Think of this approach. The perfect high-tech platform in auto racing is an open wheel car with a turbocharged V8. The thing that drew me to CART was the technology race between the manufacturers. I miss the days of multiple chassis and engine manufacturers all with different attacks on speed and horsepower – 900 HP and 16,000rpms. The spec racer may be good for the economics of the teams but I would like to see the fastest cars and the best drivers. Even within the spec series platform, I would suggest a jump to 850Ã- HP with 100 HP P2P. Allow the teams to do limited aero development and open the chassis formula up to make CC the fastest open wheel cars in the world and advertise it to everybody. With NASCAR and IRL restricted to boredom, it would differentiate CC from everything but maybe F1 which doesn’t’ run in the US. The drivers would come to tame the fastest and everybody would want to watch. We as a nation love the extreme. It would help attract a younger demographic as well as satisfy long time fans with fast exciting racing. I have no interest in NASCAR or the IRL with their low tech low RPM machines going around in a circle. John Schieving – Denver, CO

Dear John, What you suggest was fine for CART in its golden days when the series was flush with sponsor and manufacturer money. After Tony George started the IRL open wheel racing in the USA was destroyed and money has flowed out of Champ Car and the IRL and into NASCAR and other series. Mark C.

Another reader writes, I have been around Champ Car for many years and have seen their attempts to make things happen. The problem is that they do not get it. The current administration is blind to the realities of what is going on in open wheel racing. The ONLY solution to try to make open wheel racing relevant is to merge the two series. Champ Car should be doing everything in its power to try to join Indy Car and create one series. I am no fan of the IRL and Tony George but from a branding stand point, the name INDY is a recognized name anywhere in the world. The Indy 500 is still the biggest open wheel race in the world. Trying to explain what Champ Car is or does is next to impossible, except for the hard core race fan.

Champ Car is on life support but management portrays that it is healthy. Why is it that Gerry Forsythe has only gone to a couple of races? Why is it that trying to get real sponsorship is next to impossible, for both series?

The solution is very simple. As a race fan it is so frustrating seeing the state of open wheel racing. What is more frustrating is seeing the blindness of Champ Cars management. Name Withheld

Over the years Champ Car has made many overtures to Anton George to merge the two series. Anton has no desire. We suggest you write him. He is the one who started this mess and is the one who can end it. Mark C.

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