Fisichella hopes he gets nod over Klien

Giancarlo Fisichella

Even though former Honda tester and Red Bull racer, Christian Klien is hoping he will be the one to secure a the highly sought after opening at the Force India F1 team in 2008, former Renault racer Giancarlo Fisichella is hoping his many years of experience will help seal the deal in his favor instead.

"My objective is to race with Force India," the Italian told Autosprint. "I wouldn't have gone through a shoot-out otherwise, because it's always something very tense. All the drivers at Jerez were there for that, let's not kid ourselves. Even Ralf Schumacher arrived two days earlier, went often around the track to see the trajectories and he was in contact with the pits. He never did that at Toyota. No one came to Jerez to be a tourist of for a stroll in F1."

Ralf Schumacher has already ruled out racing for the Silverstone based squad but, besides Klien and Fisichella, there are several other drivers all in with a chance, including Tonio Liuzzi and Franck Montagny. One thing is certain however, he will know his fate before Christmas….

"I don't think the driver will be chosen based on a possible budget he might bring. They told me they want an experienced driver to team up with Sutil. Well, I'm here for that. Before starting I signed a contract-option as per usual in this occasion. I will have an answer before Christmas."

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