Prodrive not guaranteed 2009 entry – Mosley

(GMM) Max Mosley says Prodrive's guaranteed 2008 formula one entry will not automatically be carried over to 2009.

When announcing that the 'customer car' row had thwarted his outfit's plans to debut next year, Prodrive boss David Richards revealed that he intends to reassess the situation once a new Concorde Agreement is in effect in the future.

But Mosley, who is the president of F1's governing body, has warned that the FIA will have the right to block Prodrive's plans to race either in 2009 or beyond.

"There's nothing to stop them entering for 2009," the Briton said in an interview with The Paddock magazine.

"In the normal course of events, Prodrive's entry would be accepted, but the situation without the Concorde Agreement is as it was before the Concorde Agreement — people submit entries and the FIA accepts or rejects them," Mosley added.

Prodrive lodged a 300,000 euro deposit with the FIA when the outfit was selected from a list of potential entrants to fill the twelfth and final garage slot for 2008.

Mosley said Richards' company will probably not be refunded.

"But that's probably it," he said of any other penalties for forgoing the 2008 entry.

Mosley added: "I don't think anybody is going to go after them."

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