Ambrose wins pole, Dario 3rd in debut


Marcos Ambrose, driver of the No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion captured his first NASCAR Busch Series pole this afternoon at Memphis Motorsports Park. Ambrose clocked at time of 22.901 seconds at 117.899 mph.

In his first Busch Series start ex-CART and IRL star Dario Franchitti will start third.

MARCOS AMBROSE – No. 59 Kingsford Ford Fusion – DID YOU KNOW YOUR FUSION WAS THAT FAST? “Yeah, we had a good package yesterday and it but it’s been six months of hard work for us to get to this point. They brought a brand new car for me and we’re trying to improve it and get it better. It’s nice to actually deliver something for the guys. Getting the pole doesn’t matter. We’ve proven that our short track program is getting better and I’m getting better too."


TALK ABOUT YOUR QUALIFYING LAPS. “We’ve worked really hard on our short track program. We thought we had a really good piece coming here. We felt comfortable in practice yesterday, but when you get out there and deliver in these cold conditions, the second lap was going to be the one. I thought I blew it on the second lap. I slid up into [turn] one too fast and it stopped and I got around it and we snagged the pole. It’s just a great result. I feel so proud of my guys. I’m proud of Kingsford Charcoal for supporting us through a pretty tough year so far. We want to win this race. We want to do the very best we can and get back into contention for the rookie points. I know it’s an outside chance for us to be [David] Ragan, but we have a chance at it. And if we can get a win today, it’s going to help us on that course. It’s a great surprise for us. We’ve been working really hard for the last six months on our short track program. We’re building our team. We’re getting better on the intermediates. We’ve had everything but the pole this year. We’ve had second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. So finally to get that top spot, it feels like I’ve accomplished something this year. It’s a real nice surprise for us. I’m really proud of my guys. We’ve been working diligently over the last six months here to improve our situation. We’ve had bad days, but today I’ve just got to thank my team and thank Kingsford for supporting me and putting me in this car. Being a rookie in the Busch Series these days isn’t easy. I just want to thank everybody. It just feels like I’ve actually given them back something at least to talk about for a little while. Let’s not get carried away. We want to win the race today. We’ve got a race to win; qualifying means nothing to us, really for the points. We’re hanging in there for the rookie of the year deal and if we can come home with the crazy streak here, we just might be able to do something. We want to finish the season off strong and build for 2008. We’re with Kingsford next year in the Busch Series in the 59 car, so we really working towards that."

DID RUNNING HERE IN THE TRUCK SERIES HELP YOU FIND THE LINE? “Not as much as the Cup guys staying over in Atlanta. I think that helped us more than anything (laughs). I’m just really proud to say we snagged the pole and I’m getting better on the short tracks. They’ve been kind of a bogey track for me just in results, so it’s great to finish that now. We can finish talking about that I don’t know how to drive a short track. We’ll try to win this race today and I look forward to next year. I feel like our short track program will be good for next year. Our intermediate track is good already and speedways are a gamble. But our road course race is good too. We have a good chance to really do something special next year. I think this is a big step in the right direction for us."

HOW IS YOUR COMFORT LEVEL ON SHORT TRACKS? WAS THAT THE LAST PIECE OF THE PUZZLE FOR YOU? “It really has been difficult for me to get my head around the short tracks. It’s just the way the race is run, the way you’ve got to overdrive ‘em to get a lap time out of them. I feel like I’ve improved some and the car has improved some. We’re going to be a lot better than we were at the start of the season."

DO YOU HAVE THE RACE SET-UP IN THE CAR? “We tried to, as much as we could to have a race package. It’s tough at these impounders, but today was all about getting heat in the tires and I tried to abuse them as much as I could getting up into [turn] one on the first lap and on the out lap, getting up to speed lap. I’ve got it set up into [turn] one and we snagged a lap time."



1 59 Marcos Ambrose* Ford 117.899 22.901 Leader
2 99 David Reutimann Toyota 117.734 22.933 -0.032
3 42 Dario Franchitti Dodge 117.325 23.013 -0.112
4 38 Jason Leffler Toyota 117.071 23.063 -0.162
5 211 Jason Keller Chevrolet 116.939 23.089 -0.188
6 18 Brad Coleman* Chevrolet 116.868 23.103 -0.202
7 1 Sterling Marlin Chevrolet 116.792 23.118 -0.217
8 43 Bobby East Ford 116.742 23.128 -0.227
9 230 Stanton Barrett Chevrolet 116.666 23.143 -0.242
10 20 Casey Atwood Chevrolet 116.600 23.156 -0.255
11 7 Mike Wallace Chevrolet 116.595 23.157 -0.256
12 29 Scott Wimmer Chevrolet 116.565 23.163 -0.262
13 66 Steve Wallace Dodge 116.455 23.185 -0.284
14 126 Kenny Wallace Ford 116.439 23.188 -0.287
15 16 Colin Braun Ford 116.284 23.219 -0.318
16 22 Mike Bliss Dodge 116.199 23.236 -0.335
17 47 Kelly Bires Ford 115.954 23.285 -0.384
18 90 Stephen Leicht Ford 115.815 23.313 -0.412
19 33 Cale Gale Chevrolet 115.785 23.319 -0.418
20 5 Landon Cassill Chevrolet 115.736 23.329 -0.428
21 72 D.J. Kennington Dodge 115.726 23.331 -0.430
22 41 Bryan Clauson Dodge 115.686 23.339 -0.438
23 35 Bobby Hamilton Jr. Ford 115.651 23.346 -0.445
24 25 Richard Johns Ford 115.651 23.346 -0.445
25 88 Brad Keselowski* Chevrolet 115.434 23.390 -0.489
26 6 Auggie Vidovich Ford 115.390 23.399 -0.498
27 171 Ron Young Chevrolet 115.345 23.408 -0.507
28 77 Brandon Miller Chevrolet 115.198 23.438 -0.537
29 14 Kyle Krisiloff* Ford 115.193 23.439 -0.538
30 156 Danny O'Quinn Jr. Chevrolet 115.134 23.451 -0.550
31 240 Matt Carter Ford 115.104 23.457 -0.556
32 10 Brent Sherman Toyota 115.075 23.463 -0.562
33 105 Brett Rowe Chevrolet 114.982 23.482 -0.581
34 0 Eric McClure Chevrolet 114.850 23.509 -0.608
35 27 Brad Baker Ford 114.752 23.529 -0.628
36 249 Brian Keselowski Dodge 114.567 23.567 -0.666
37 21 Tim McCreadie Chevrolet 114.189 23.645 -0.744
38 9 Chase Miller Dodge 113.780 23.730 -0.829
39 60 Matt McCall Ford 113.336 23.823 -0.922
40 36 Jeremy Clements+ Chevrolet 112.674 23.963 -1.062
41 37 John Graham+ Ford 111.579 24.198 -1.297
42 28 Robert Richardson, II+* Chevrolet 110.007 24.544 -1.643
43 64 Chase Austin Dodge 114.373 23.607 -0.706
Did Not Qualify
44 01 Kertus Davis Chevrolet 114.102 23.663 -0.762
45 154 Carl Long Dodge 113.991 23.686 -0.785
46 189 Morgan Shepherd Dodge 113.746 23.737 -0.836
47 112 Marc Mitchell Chevrolet 113.079 23.877 -0.976
48 244 Mike Harmon Chevrolet 112.985 23.897 -0.996
49 252 Chris Lawson Ford 110.910 24.344 -1.443

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