There’s more ’Indy’ in NASCAR than IRL

A reader writes, Dear, Looks like now and again next season there will be more Indy 500 winners in NASCAR than the IRL. So much for Anton's Vision! If Penske and Ganassi are such big IRL supporters why do they keep moving their top divers to NASCAR? Are they getting ready to bail after Honda decides to leaves the IRL? Mike Neubaurer

Dear Mike, We stated long ago when the IRL was created that NASCAR would steamroll right over Indy Car racing because of the weakened state of open wheel racing as a result of the split. We doubt 100% throttle racer Danica Patrick is good enough for NASCAR, but if she leaves the IRL for NASCAR and Honda leaves too, it will be lights out as the IRL will be in serious trouble and Anton's legacy (the complete destruction of America's oldest form of racing – open wheel) will be complete. Mark C.

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