Revenge is sweet…..and getting sweeter

UPDATE In his latest article Robin Miller (who had his hard card media credential pulled in 2007) hammers Champ Car once again for dumping Ryan Dalziel and Oriol Servia for Mexican drivers Mario Dominguez and David Martinez ahead of the Mexico City race. As Miller points out, Dalziel and Servia outperformed their teammates all year long yet they were the ones who got the boot.

"Canceling three races in one season is bad enough but this amateurish treatment of two good racers illustrates just how little Gerry Forsythe and Kevin Kalkhoven understand about professionalism, continuity or racing," said Miller.

"To end a three-year relationship like this is what is so disappointing," said Dalziel, who teamed with Figge in Grand Am before they moved to Champ Car. "We were talking about next year a couple days ago and now I'm done? I'm totally confused.

"I don't know whether to blame PCM or Champ Car but I can't take too many more of these things from Champ Car. This has really been a bad day."

Asked if he'd spoken with his PCM teammate Alex Figge, Dalziel replied: "No, and that's unusual because we talk every day but I'm sure he's quite disappointed."

Along with everyone else who knows what Servia and Dalziel have endured to make it into Champ Car. They weren't ride buyers, they were serious racers who didn't deserve this kind of bush league treatment.

Make it two more black eyes for Champ Car.

09/19/07 What did Champ Car accomplish by pulling Robin Miller's media hard card except to cut its own throat? Making an enemy with the media can never be good. In his latest article Miller points out all the flaws that surrounded the old CART series and then aims for the Champ Car juggler vein with this closing:

"I really like these two guys [Alex Gurney and Jon Fogarty] and I want them to have a successful financial future as well as continued success on the track," said GAINSCO team owner Bob Stallings, who also serves as manager of the two drivers.

"I've been approached by every organization, IRL, Champ Car, ALMS, about moving to their series for 2008 but we really like this series because you don't have to spend $15 million to be competitive.

"You just need a couple excellent drivers and some great people around them."

With sports car racing having a bit of a renaissance in this country, Fogarty and Gurney seem content. Now both 32, open wheel racing, specifically Champ Car, doesn't hold the allure it did for them a few years ago.

"Right now Champ Car is just a blip on the radar and we don't have a huge desire to do it," said Fogarty. "We've got families and we want to be in something with a future.

"This is good racing and we've got a helluva team."

Plus an environment where they're appreciated.

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