Auto play of videos

UPDATE #4 A reader writes, I am running the latest Macintosh operating system and the latest Safari browser and the videos are working fine (playing when I click to start them not playing automatically). Richard Wunsch

04/21/07 It has been suggested that an install of Windows Media® Components for QuickTime, by Flip4Mac™ may solve the problem Mac users are having with our video features automatically playing in your browser when they should not. PC users are having no such problem. You can download Windows Media® Components for QuickTime here. Although we do not have a lot of Mac users, we continue to search for a way to fix this issue for you so you can enjoy our added video feature to The files are in .wmv (Windows Media) format so make sure your browser has the right plug-in for that.

04/20/07 It appears Mac users with Safari as their browser are having this issue with auto play. You can download the Firefox browser here. Firefox is a very popular browser.

04/20/07 For Mac users – Since Microsoft no longer supports Window Media Player for the Mac, your computer may use the Flip4Mac plug-in that opens Windows Media using QuickTime. We have made some changes on our end. Let us know if it helped. Also, you may have an auto play setting in QuickTime that can be set to off. We also recommend that Mac users download the Firefox browser for Mac and use that instead of the Safari browser.

04/20/07 A few of you have written to say that the videos we are now making available to you on automatically play when you visit the page. Let us assure you that all videos have the auto play feature set to zero or 'false.' The videos do not auto play in Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Mozilla Firefox (version 1.5 and higher) on the PCs we have tested. If they are auto playing on your PC or Mac it must be due to a setting in your browser or in another piece of software (such as QuickTime) on your computer that is causing this.

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