Two teams still suffer from slow refueling

“The team had a good strategy today," said Neel Jani, “a really good strategy, which got me into second place at one point. But unfortunately we had a mechanical issue when we were fueling and the fuel didn’t come in fast enough. That cost me important seconds on each stop. As a result of that problem we lost a better finishing position because I was right on [Oriol]Servia’s tail and he finished second."

“We struggled a little bit with the fueling on both stops," said Graham Rahal, who started and ran fifth in the early stages of the race but lost one spot on his first pit stop and three more on his second en route to an eighth-place finish. “It was not fault of the crew, the new equipment just took longer. We have to fix the issues. I think everybody is having the same issues, but it took us longer to fuel than others.

“On the track I think we were competitive with who ever we were running with. Unfortunately we got behind Jani at the end. He may have been slower than us but he had a lot of straightaway speed. I don’t know where he got it because I was better off the hairpin than he was, but he had some speed which eliminated the possibility of getting by him."

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