Seen in Long Beach – 5

Salem bin Dasmal (shown right talking to Paul Stoddart), former CEO of DubaiLand and know VP of Business Development and Marketing for Tatweer (a member of Dubai Holdings), went for a Champ Car Minardi F1x2 ride today. He told, "It was a real thrill. The pressure on your body is tremendous from the acceleration and braking." We know that Dubai wants an F1 race and they have even built a F1 theme park, so it's interesting to see the Prince here at a Champ Car race. Hmmm…………The weather in Long Beach has dawned sunny with comfortable temperatures and if it stays this way we should be in for a good race…..We are told that vendor sales are up over 30% so far this year…..The standing start for the Champ Car Atlantic race was the cleanest best looking start we have ever seen at Long Beach………..Some of the 20 cities that are currently trying to get a Champ Car race are here in Long Beach and are very happy with what they are seeing. Per previous rumors you will see some new races add to the schedule in 2009. Mark C.

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