You can own a piece of Bristol’s track surface

History was made in August of 1992 when Bristol Motor Speedway hosted the very first NASCAR Cup Series race on an all-concrete surface. In July of this year, fans will get the opportunity to own a piece of that history. A new concrete surface will be in place for NASCAR's most popular race, the Sharpie 500 in August. However, on July 1, pieces of the original concrete surface from the Start/Finish Line, where drivers like Dale Earnhardt, Darrell Waltrip, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart have celebrated Bristol victories, will be made available for fans looking to add the most unique of souvenirs to their racing memorabilia collection. Three versions of the collectible will be made available to fans. There is a piece of concrete in an acrylic case that will sell for $25, a 12"x14" framed piece that is $60 and the Concrete Showpiece, priced at $100. A portion of all sales of the concrete will benefit the Bristol chapter of Speedway Children's Charities. Quantities from the actual Start/Finish Line are limited. Only the actual concrete raced on by Bristol winners since 1992 will be sold – after it's gone, no other portions of the surface will be sold. Who would have thought of concrete as being a piece of memorabilia? Doug B

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