Spyker team renews with TAG

Spyker Formula One Team has renewed its contract with Technology Advancement Group, Inc (TAG) for a further FIA Formula One World Championship season. TAG will continue to provide the team with rugged industrial servers capable of sustained performance in Formula One's challenging and varying racing environment worldwide.

The exemplary running of TAG's servers during the 2006 season guided the team's decision to continue its relationship with TAG. This year, the partnership will also be expanded, with TAG providing several additional new servers.

TAG is an industry leader in providing innovative engineering and technology services and solutions for military and government in areas including electrical, mechanical, thermal, plus systems and network engineering. In addition to customized rugged servers, TAG also provides rugged keyboard drawers, displays, laptops, and integrated transit cases – all of which can be customized for not only the F1 Racing market, but also other hostile operating environments such as law enforcement, industrial control rooms, factory floors and so on.

In Formula 1 TAG has adapted its non-classified military technology to develop a high-performance, 1 ¾ inch high, rack-mounted server capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 60°C, thereby significantly reducing the risk of losing race-critical communications, telemetry, and diagnostics information. TAG had also incorporated a special internal coating inside the server chassis to lower the risk of error or malfunction caused by carbon brake fiber and other contaminants found in Formula 1.

"TAG computers withstood the abuse from repeated packing, shipping, and unpacking cycles throughout the season. We had no problems whatsoever with either the oppressive heat in Bahrain or the excessive humidity in Malaysia. In addition, we have reduced the number of spares we carry to each venue, which improves our logistics dynamics," said Colin Kolles, team principal and managing director of Spyker Formula One Team.

TAG's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Marcus DeSouza commented, "We are pleased that our servers lived up to TAG's high standards as well as Spyker's operational expectations. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Spyker F1 and look forward to an exciting racing season."

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