A1GP launches new website

A1GP World Cup of Motorsport today unveils its new look website, www.A1GP.com. The new and improved site offers motorsport fans around the world even greater access to the thrills of the sport which pits driver against driver and country against country for the first time in motorsport history.

New additions include an opportunity to view exclusive, never been seen before 30-second footage edits of individual teams’ race week performance on teams’ respective sites. On the main A1GP site fans can also view live streaming of each race over an event weekend, complete with full commentary from A1GP commentators Ben Edwards and John Watson and access to key statistics from the Sprint and Feature races.

A1GP.com includes a new ‘Fan Zone’ section dedicated to the fans that have made the sport a success to date. Fans can sign up to the ‘Fan Zone’ to access blogs penned by their local A1 teams and drivers, as well as A1GP forums where fans are invited to take part in debates with other supporters around the world.

The inner workings of the 550bhp A1GP car are explored in the new interactive ‘The Car’ section that offers fans a 360º view of the unique race machine. All specifications from the engine, to the gearbox and the tires are described as users pass their cursor over the A1GP car to reveal its intricate design details.

A wide range of information designed for both long standing and new fans alike is available throughout the new look www.A1GP.com. The ‘What is A1GP’ section provides essential background information to the sport whilst the ‘Season 06/07’ section provides all up to date information on a race by race basis for the current season, with details on the circuits and results to date. Live footage of the race weekend is available in addition to photos, screensavers, wallpaper and video highlights of the season to date via the ‘Multimedia’ section. Fans can also purchase tickets to see the action live at A1GP race weekends across the world in the ‘Race Tickets’ section.

To support the unveiling of the new look website, fans will be treated with a taster of the A1GP.com website in an advert to be aired during the A1GP world broadcast feed over the upcoming New Zealand race weekend in Taupo from 19 – 21 January 2007.

To view the new look site, log on to www.A1GP.com A1GP PR

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