GM says it gets short end of stick

Shortly after a three-hour-plus meeting Wednesday in which he and General Motors Corp. Chairman Rick Wagoner weighed the possibility of forming an unprecedented automaking alliance, Renault-Nissan Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn insisted he remains optimistic despite GM's doubts about the proposal.

For the first time, GM said emphatically that it was not satisfied with the plan as is. GM sees a smaller payoff for its shareholders than for those of Renault and Nissan, GM spokesman Brian Akre said, and is seeking compensation for that imbalance as part of any deal.

"The benefits identified so far are disproportionate among the companies," Akre said. "GM would be looking at ways to alleviate that concern. Speaking hypothetically, that could include a payment, that could include a number of different options."

Ghosn and Wagoner agreed, however, for talks to continue until Oct. 15. More at Detroit Free Press

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