Polesitter Scheckter does not like Nashville

"To be honest, I didn't like this track too much, until a couple of minutes ago when they said I was on pole. It's a funny sort of track, and it gives you a funny feeling. It's great having Buddy here. It's a lot of good, quality information and it helps us set up the car so much better. You can just feel by the engineering meetings that really having him here has jumped the team to another level. That's what we need to compete with the Andrettis and the Rahals. Hopefully, we can continue this success with all three teammates for the rest of the season.

Is it satisfying to win the pole like this? "It's very satisfying. I was extremely happy about this pole. It's a tough track to get a pole. We were the quickest in the first session, and we were pretty quick in the second session, as well. We felt we had a pretty good chance if we qualified. For some reason, knowing how difficult it is, it's good to walk away with the pole." (About starting next to Danica Patrick): "At least I know the photographers will be in my area. She's very sensible. I think she's proved in the last three races what a good race driver she is. A lot of people in her situation would be bold and overdrive the car, and she hasn't. She has a lot of experience and for a really tough track, she's done a good job with the second-quickest time."

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