FIA statement on 2008 F1 regulations

The FIA is considering enforcing a downforce limit in Formula One in a bid to reduce speeds and aid passing. Rather than, as at present, continually tweak the rules, the Max Mosley-led governing body – in a letter to the teams – said imposing an 'x newton' limit would force aerodynamicists to focus on reducing drag rather than seeking maximum possible downforce.

''We would have to have an accurate and reliable means of measurement,'' Max Mosley said, ''but I am told this will be much easier with a single tire supplier. If there is … support for such ideas, we should like to discuss possible action for 2008 … urgently.''

Perhaps in a bid to appease unhappy carmakers, Max also revealed that there might be a case for retaining 'useful' – as opposed to 'sterile' – technology in F1.

What follows is a statement from the FIA in which they express their views on technology in Formula One in 2008 and beyond. While the FIA wish to limit driver aides, they are not against proposals such as energy recovery systems first looked at in the late 1990s. More…..

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