Tesla shares drop after Consumer Reports raises reliability questions

Tesla Model S

When Consumer Reports reviewed the Tesla Model S electric car earlier this year, it liked the car so much it had to recalibrate its rating scale. But several months on, the publication is a little less enamored.

Scores 103 out of 100, forces publication to recalibrate ratings scale.

Each year Consumer Reports surveys its audience to get a picture of how reliable different car models are in the real world (organizations like JD Power do something similar). More than 1,400 Tesla owners sent in data about their EVs, and the complaints "chronicled an array of detailed and complicated maladies," the magazine now reports.

Issues include squeaks and rattles (something that may be more noticeable thanks to the car's lack of engine noise) as well as problems with the clever door handles, but more serious problems include electric motors that have to be replaced. Overall, Consumer Reports found reliability was down compared to 2014. Older cars in particular appear to be having the most problems.

This was enough to make Consumer Reports remove its coveted recommendation from the Model S, news of which had immediate impact on Tesla's share price.

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