Probe By Spanish Courts into 2012 Valencia F1 Race Continues (Update)



Spain's Prosecutor's Office believes it should be the Valencia Superior Court Justice that admits the charge against Francisco Camps, a former president of the Valencia region, "for his management of the Valencia F1 race" in '12 due to "strong criminal indications," according to the EFE.

The Prosecutor's Office's Valencia delegation wrote in a letter that "from related proven facts, supported by due diligence, there appear indications of possible criminal actions that implicate Camps."

On Dec. 19, Spain's Prosecutor's Office began an investigation into "alleged corruption and embezzlement in the awarding of contracts" to hold the '12 F1 race in Valencia. The letter from the Prosecutor's Office said, "The only person from the Valencia government that negotiated and decided on this subject was Francisco Camps." EFE

12/21/14 Spain's Prosecutor's Office has begun an investigation into alleged corruption and embezzlement in the awarding of contracts to hold the 2012 Formula One race in Valencia.

The writ names Francisco Camps, a former president of the Valencia region, Dolores Johnson, a tourism official, and Jorge Martinez, a shareholder in Valmor Sports, the company that Camps assigned the hosting rights to after securing them from F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone.

The writ asks Valencia's courts to investigate alleged irregularities, including how Camps allowed a private company with no experience in motorsport and only 12 employees, to operate the multimillion-dollar event.

The writ names Camps as a suspect in cases of misappropriation of public funds and corruption.

Valencia hosted the European GP for five years to 2012, but not another F1 race since then. Fox Sports

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